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MODX Revolution Building the Web Your Way (Kindle Version)
A Journey Through a Content Management Framework

May 14 2013
Release Date

Publisher's Price: 39.99

MODX Revolution: Building the Web Your Way presents an extensive look at an amazing and extensible Content Management Framework by providing real-world examples and hundreds of screen shots to bridge the gap typically experienced by users when pressing into new concepts and systems.

Readers can approach this book as a quick reference, progressive primer, the basis to streamline team activities, or simply as a means to stretch skill sets into new areas based on the author’s decades of experience integrating development teams and partnering with clients around the globe.

MODX Revolution: Building the Web Your Way is divided into four logical sections allowing readers to quickly access topics via the outline formatted Table of Contents or the index. Each chapter progressively increases in complexity and builds on concepts previously presented in the text. Features introduced in MODX Revolution 2.2.x-pl: Media Sources, Dashboards, and file-based Elements have also been introduced.

In short, MODX Revolution: Building the Web Your Way is the book the author would have wanted on his desk, since he began using MODX products in 2005, and what multiple people from around the globe asked him for.

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